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Timeshare E-mail Alerts NEW Feature! Timeshare Alerts are here!
Try it out! Createing E-mail Alerts by resort and week are simple. Simply, set up alerts to rent or buy Royal Resort timeshares and you will have instant access to new timeshare listings the minute the unit is posted on the web site. If a new posting meets your resort and week criteria, you will be instantly notified via e-mail.

I have suggested this site to my friends at TUG. It's a great site and it is very user friendly...I just rented one of my timeshares within a week of placing an ad on
- Susan J, WI
  Royal Cancun Club Member & Royal Resorts Timeshare Owner

I haven't used this site for a while. Just re-joined and posted 4 rentals. Excellent! Navigating, posting and changing just fantastic!
- Joan & Ralph, Manhattan, NY
  Royal Cancun Club Member & Royal Resorts Timeshare Owner

"After posting our week for rent, it took less than 24 hours to get an offer and less than a week to receive payment. We are very impressed with this website and so thankful to have found it. "

"Thanks for this service; it's been worth every penny!"

- Jeff, Kokomo, IN
  Royal Cancun Club Member & Royal Resorts Timeshare Owner
"I recently rented my suite at the Royal Sands for week 47 through Royal Cancun Club. I had advertised it through another website and had no success. I was very pleased with the results."

- Diane C.,
  Kensington, MD

  Member & Royal Resorts
  Timeshare Owner

Start Your 2022 Vacation Planning Today and Save Money: Over 500 Units for Rent or Sale
November, 11th 2019

A "free" basic membership entitles you to rent and buy Royal Resorts timeshares from our premium members.
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2 New Features Added - February 12th, 2013
  1. Want to Rent Ads - now you can requests "specific" timeshares to rent (Looking To Rent)
  2. Time Sensitive Ads - all posts are driven by availability year, thus eliminating the sorting through of old ads
“WOW! I rented my lock-off room at the Royal Islander within 3 days after posting it"

- Aaron T.,
  Salt Lake City, UT

  Member &
  Royal Resorts
  Timeshare Owner
Basic Membership is Now Free!

Basic members can now browse Royal Resorts timeshare units for sale and rent.

Membership Increases in 2019 for 9th Straight Year - November 11th, 2019
2019 is now the club's most successful year as the number of members and units has tripled from 2008 levels.
“The Royal Cancun Club web site is extremely user friendly. It's only been three day since I've joined, and I've already set up a deal on my Royal Resorts timeshare!"

- Ellen G.,
  Woodbury, New York

  New Member &
  Royal Resort
  Timeshare Owner
5th Year Anniversary - More Members, More Units and More Features
Although our club is over 20 years old, on April 1st, 2022, Royal Cancun Club will celebrate its 21th year anniversary of being on-line. During the past year, our members have taken advantage of the various features of the site, and enjoyed much success. The site has facilitated connections with other Royal Resort timeshare owners, enabling members to buy, sell, rent and exchange their Royal Resorts timeshares, saving 100s of dollars.

Great Value: Unlimited Postings (for as low as $15.00 per year)
Many members have commented on the site's ease of use, as well as its ability to post multiple units as a great value for as low as $15.00 per year.

For members, run by members...
Royal Cancun Club works like a credit union. It's run by members for members and is in no way affiliated with Royal Resorts. Our membership consists of timeshare owners who own timeshares in one of the Royal Resorts properties (see full list of Royal Resorts locations below).

Why you should sign-up for my Timeshare Vacations...
Are you tired of paying extravagant resort management fees to exchange and rent your timeshare with other resort members? Our unique "timeshare member program" puts you in touch with other members to exchange, rent, sell and buy timeshares. Eliminating the timeshare management company, saves you money.

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Wednesday, July 24, 2024
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Royal Sands 50
Royal Haciendas 27
Royal Sands 26
Royal Sands 16
Royal Sands 26
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For more information about the individual resorts or about Royal Resorts proprieties, please visit the Royal Resorts Web site.
  • Royal Islander, Cancun, Mexico
  • Royal Sands, Cancun, Mexico
  • Royal Haciendas, Cancun, Mexico
  • Royal Cancun, Cancun, Mexico
  • Royal Sea Aquarium Resort, Curaçao
  • Hotel El Castellano, Merida
  • Simpson Bay Resort & Marina, St. Maarten
  • The Royal Reef Resort, Cayman Island
  • Royal Uno, Cancun, Mexico
  • Grand Residences, Cancun, Mexico
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"Please stamp my unit (Week 10, Room L344) "rented". Only 4 days on your website! Thank you!!"

- Jeanne E.,
  Trail Creek, IN

  Member &
  Royal Resorts
  Timeshare Owner

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